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Thanks for visiting my ECom Edge Review You're here to uncover a brandname-new and wise system on ECom Edge - “Revealed: How You Can Profit $383,736.22 Carrying Out A Proven 4-Step Blueprint For Selling REAL Items Online…”


The Best Of This is, it takes Hardly any experience and nearly ZERO technical experience.


Fed up with Spinning Your Wheels Online With Misguided Techniques?

 How would you react should you have had an additional $383,736.22 in your money?


But more to the point, what should you have had the blueprint to have the ability to replicate that earnings (or even more) every year inside your business?


Well, today is the lucky day


A completely new course just been launched with a gentleman named Ryan showing Just how he went from ZERO to $383,736.22 with physical items on Amazon’s marketplace.


and that he performs this:


- Without Needing to create a website


- Without Needing to buy new domain names


- Without Needing to learn complicated software


- Without Needing to Use Facebook PPC, Adwords


or other complicated compensated traffic method.


- Without needing to wreck havoc on Search engine optimization or anything


like this..


He made it happen simply by using the internet’s Greatest eCommerce platform, Amazon . com.


=> You just need to begin to see the proof


Why start something on your own when Amazon . com let’s you leverage their platform to construct a 6, 7, even 8 figure business?


Amazon . com may be the Greatest purchasers internet search engine on the web and their conversions are greater then every other eCommerce website because individuals have confidence in them.


With Ryan’s blueprint, now you can exploit this eCom Edge giant for your own personel profit.


All you need to do is stick to the 4 easy steps he’s organized, and also you, too, could be on the road to creating a 6-figure business.


I'm able to guarantee this is among the BEST courses on creating a physical items business on Amazon . com.


Along with the current discount that they’re running, it carries probably the most value for the buck.


But you need to act rapidly, along with other Amazon . com courses selling for $1,000 or even more, they're not able to bare this discount up for an excessive amount of longer.


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ECom Edge - About The Author


Joshua Zamora, Han Fan & Ryan Martin are the men behind ECom Edge. They are well known names in the field of online marketing who are the mastermind behind Link Indexr, Ultimate Spinner Pro, Keyword Demon, Wiki Robot, Tube Sniper Pro 3.0, Seamless SEO 2.0, VideoRankr and many more successful digital product launches.

ECom Edge - What is it?


- over $380,000 in verified proof

- Extremely detailed and high quality course

- REAL testimonials from guys crushing it with this method

- Strong upsell funnel to ensure high EPC’s


eCom Edge is a step-by-step training course put together by Ryan Martin. Over the last year or so Ryan has developed a very unique strategy which has allowed him to profit $350,404.96 in profit by selling physical products on Amazon.


Just have a look at some of the proof:


And I’ve Been Able To Do That:


  WITHOUT Having To Build My Own Website

  WITHOUT Having To Buy Any New Domains

  WITHOUT Having To Build an email list

  WITHOUT Having To Learn Complicated Software (I’m the LEAST techie person you’ll ever meet)

  WITHOUT Having To Pay A Single Cent For Facebook Traffic, Google Adwords Traffic or any other complicated Paid Traffic method

  Heck, I even did it WITHOUT Spending Months trying to figure out the Complicated World of SEO (ain’t nobody got time for Pandas, Penguins, Ducks, Gorillas and any other animal they come out with)


The best part is, he’s been able to do it without having to spend a dime on paid traffic.


After sharing his strategies with two of his friends, who were BOTH able to replicate his success, he’s decided to release an entire course to the public.


This is one of the most detailed and practical courses that you’ll ever go through on the topic of selling physical products on Amazon.


Your customers will be getting it ALL! Nothing is held back.


If You Are:


 Tired of buying product after product and getting no results


 Tired of buying software after software that promises riches overnight


 Tired of the cookie cutter programs that don’t provide you with ACTIONABLE information


 Tired of being tired and want something to FINALLY pan out for you…


If you’re tired of all the “crap” that can come with trying to build an online business, then welcome to the club!


I know exactly where you’re coming from, trust me. I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’ve been through the struggles.


Before getting started with my current business, I dabbled in just about everything online. I had some success, but nothing significant. (most were failures in all honesty)


And I’ve tried it all. I’ve tried SEO, I’ve tried FB marketing, I’ve tried Shopify, I’ve tried Video marketing, and nothing ever seemed to pan out for me.


I believed the promises of overnight riches. I bought into the push button software… I lost a LOT of time and money (and some of my hair as well lol)


I was tired. I was nearly ready to give up until one day, I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I came across a very popular Amazon course that was all about how to sell products via their platform and make TONS of money. It all sounded great. I could sell REAL products, through a REAL brand and build a REAL business. I could build something that I can be proud of. Something that I can brag to my friends and family about.


I wouldn’t have to avoid having to say that I was trying to sell an ebook I got written on Fiverr on “How To Get Ripped Abs Fast” when I haven’t had abs since high school. I could build a true business leveraging the biggest E-Commerce website online. Having an accounting background, the numbers and data in-front of me made sense.


The way I figured it is, why would I waste month after month trying to put up my own ecommerce website when Amazon has ALREADY done the hard work for me? Why waste time and money learning how to get my own traffic when Amazon has already created the biggest buyer-search engine known to man?


Amazon is the BIGGEST e-commerce website online and they’re practically BEGGING us to use their platform to sell our products.




eCom Edge - A 4-step system that I can give to anyone to build a REAL business, selling REAL products, through a REAL brand, that you can be PROUD to share with your friends and family.


For The First Time Ever, YOU too can get access to my Proven Formula For Creating A Multiple Six-figure Income Leveraging The Internet’s Most Powerful Ecommerce Platform


Ecom Edge is going to give you an insider’s look at everything I do in my business. You’re gonna walk away with a proven system that you can copy to get the same results yourself. You’ll be able to look over my shoulder as I pull back the curtains and show you EXACTLY what you need to do to build a rock-solid business with Amazon.


Plus, if you run into any issues, you’ll be able to get personal help from me to work out all the kinks in your business.


This blueprint is laid out in step-by-step video format with actionable steps, so that it’s easy for you to follow along. I’m even including easy-to-follow checklists to ensure you get results! Just follow the action checklists for each module and THAT’S IT!


Plus, every week for a full 4-weeks you’ll be able to spend between 1-2 hours with me on a LIVE strategy session. We will not only be diving head first into the fundamentals of building your Amazon Empire, we’ll also be taking a first-hand look at your business to see what’s holding you back. No stone will be left unturned. I’m going to be sharing with you EVERY single trick, tip and tactic I use to make passive income with Amazon.


My #1 Goal is to ensure you GET RESULTS!


What Exactly Will You Be Getting? Keep in mind that this course is designed to kick your business into overdrive and get you results, FAST!


Follow along over the next 4 weeks and you’ll have a profitable Amazon business going in no time.


Module 1

Fundamental Amazon Setup ($97 Value)

In module 1 we are going to make sure you are fully ready to go to dominate any niche you want to enter. I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily determine whether a niche is wide open or too competitive.


You’re going to discover:


 The Right Way To Research niches, so that you can practically guarantee your success.


 How To Quickly and Easily find Golden Keywords that are Just Waiting To Be Claimed


 How To Effectively Analyze Your Competition and know EXACTLY what you’ll need to DOMINATE them


 How To Find The Best Products To Promote To Make More Money With LESS Effort


 and much much more… Don’t forget the strategy session and QnA.


Module 2

Fundamental Product Sourcing and Negotiation ($97 Value)

In module 2 we are going to cover one VERY important step that holds a lot of people back from having success with Amazon, but also holds people back from making the most amount of money they can from their business.


In Module 2 you’ll discover:


 The Best and most reliable places to find suppliers to ensure you don’t get screwed over.


 The Right way to talk with suppliers so they’re almost begging to work with you


 How To Effectively Negotiate with suppliers to get the BEST possible deal and skyrocket your margins


 How To Effectively order product samples to get the best quality products


 How To Properly place your first order to ensure your business runs smoothly


 and much much more… Don’t forget the strategy session and QnA.


Module 3

Fundamental Listing Strategies ($97 Value)

In Module 3 You’ll learn exactly how to create your first listing on Amazon to get the MOST exposure and clicks on your products.


In Module 3 you’ll discover:


 How To Effectively Use Your Product Images To Dominate Your Competition


 The different Types of images to use and when is the BEST way to use each


 How To Properly Optimize Your Image Titles To Nearly Force Amazon To Send You Traffic


 How To Properly Optimize Your Product bullet points to get the best conversions


 How To Properly Optimize Your Product Descriptions to get maximum results


 and much much more… Don’t forget the strategy session and QnA.


Module 4

Advanced Monetization Strategies ($497 value)

We all want a steady stream of sales every day, right? In module 4 we’ll be covering the exact steps you need to take to start getting thousands of TARGETED buyers landing on your product listings every single WEEK begging to buy from you!


In Module 4 you’ll discover:


 Our secret strategy for building a group of 2,000 people READY to leave reviews on your products! (NO ONE else is teaching this)


 How we LEGALLY trick Amazon’s Algorithm to shoot your listings to the top of the first page


 Our secret strategy for using “deal sites” to get a rush of sales to our listings


 How and When to properly use Amazon Ads to get a FLOOD of sales to your products


 How To Effectively Use Outside Advertising to get even more sales!


 and much much more… Don’t forget the strategy session and QnA

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